England’s smallest home markets revealed

Research from Warwick Estates has revealed where in England offers the best chance of getting a foot on the property ladder based on the availability of one-bed properties as a percentage of all homes currently listed for sale. 

A one-bed property might not be desirable to some, but for many, their greater affordability provides a pathway to securing that all-important first foot on the property ladder. Particularly in current market conditions with house prices climbing considerably in recent times. 

Availability, however, isn’t great with one-bed homes currently accounting for just 11% of all homes listed for sale in England.

As for the highest percentage of one-beds, the City of London proves to be the country’s smallest housing market in more ways than one. There are just 215 properties currently listed for sale across the Square Mile and a huge 45% of those are one-bed homes. 

The wider area of Greater London is also home to one of the smallest property markets based on one-bed availability, with 20% of current homes available on the market for sale being one-bed properties. 

East Sussex is next with one-beds accounting for 16% of the market, while in Berkshire, Surrey, and Hertfordshire, one-beds make up 15% of the available homes. The rest of the top ten is compiled by West Sussex (14%), Hampshire (14%), Dorset (13%), and Kent (12%).

Meanwhile, one-bed homes account for the lowest percentage of all available stock in Lincolnshire (4%), Derbyshire (4%), and Rutland (4%). 

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