Moneyhub launches Open Banking and Open Finance support service

Moneyhub, the Open Data platform that enables companies to transform data into personalised digital experiences and initiate payments, now offers its front line support service to platform clients to help them capitalise on Open Banking and Open Finance opportunities.

Clients and their users can now take advantage of Moneyhub’s unique direct customer support expertise and experience through an integrated support service. Moneyhub’s Open Banking and Open Finance front line support proposition works seamlessly with its clients’ own service solutions to provide expert support directly to end-users for any aspect of their Open Banking and Open Finance journey. Thereby removing the barrier of training in-house teams and making it quicker and easier to get to market.

The service, which complements Moneyhub’s first class software support, is available on a standalone basis for clients that don’t have their own internal support function. It can also be integrated into the clients’ own customer service platforms with Moneyhub providing Open Banking support.

An ever growing number of businesses across a range of industries, from pensions and insurance to wealth management, are beginning to see the power of Open Banking and Open Finance to create new and engaging experiences for their customers. Moneyhub, which has been a key player in developing Open Banking in the UK, is committed to helping its clients deliver impactful propositions backed up by superior customer service.

Clients can rely on Moneyhub for user support across any aspect of their customers’ Open Banking and Open Finance experiences, from helping users manage their existing connections, to supporting new customers as they start their Open Banking and Open Finance journey.

Moneyhub’s APIs and fully customisable platform provide data aggregation, insights, notification nudges, and payment systems. As a result, clients have the consent-driven data they need to create super-personalised offers, products, and services. 
Dan Scholey, Moneyhub CCO, said: “Open Banking and more broadly Open Finance is unlocking new data insights and new ways of engaging with and serving customers, which is why we at Moneyhub have championed it for so many years. We are helping our clients reap the benefits of our expertise. In partnering with Moneyhub, our clients can be confident that their customers will receive timely and expert support on all aspects of Open Banking and Open Finance, allowing them to do what they do best as we do what we excel at.”

Matt Walker, who leads Moneyhub’s service team, said: “From day one, our user support team has always gone above and beyond to provide first class support to users of our award winning consumer app. I’m proud to be able to extend that service to our platform clients and their customers to benefit from our extensive experience.”.

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