Your Mortgage Decisions appoints Contact State to certify all new mortgage leads

Your Mortgage Decisions has appointed lead certification specialist Contact State to certify all its mortgage leads and provide a real time audit trail of financial promotions.

By using Contact State, Your Mortgage Decisions will be able to purchase leads from the UK’s most innovative lead generators with the confidence and assurance that they are able to track, challenge and improve the customer journey and thus improve both the quality of lead, client journey and overall financial return.

The Contact State API validates online lead generation paths, and each certified lead comes with a Data Certificate with a full and detailed history of the digital journey the customer has been through before speaking to them.

This landing pages they have visited, permissions and consent they have given and any terms & conditions they have agreed to.

Martin Wade, director of Your Mortgage Decisions, said: “Through the Contact State API, we are not only improving the quality of lead generation for our mortgage business – as well as our equity release and protection services – but we’re also able to see for ourselves that that our lead generation partners take compliance seriously.

“This not only ensures we are meeting all our advertising and data regulatory requirements but also creates a much better and more profitable customer marketing journey, with better results all-round.”

Thomas Brett, head of mortgage and lending at Contact State, added: “Within the financial services industry, there are still far too many instances of consumers receiving sales calls from firms and thinking ‘how did they get my number?’.

“At Contact State we want to change that, and that’s why we are helping firms guarantee the validity of leads by ensuring they know everything about each customers’ unique marketing journey.

“This helps lead buyers build trust, achieve transparency, protect their business and improve return on investment from their lead generation campaigns.”