Meet the broker… Day & Knight Financial Services

Meet Day & Knight Financial Services

Tell us about your business?

Starting as a one-man band in 2015, Day & Knight Financial Services has now expanded to an army of five based in Suffolk.

We are a mortgage brokerage, with fully qualified financial, mortgage and protection specialists on board. We have a client bank covering the whole UK and are always looking at ways in which we can expand our team and client portfolio.

Where are you based and where do you operate geographically?

Our head office is based in Lowestoft, Suffolk. Due to having connections through family and friends, we have built up a client bank serving clients over the whole of the UK through recommendations and with the help of social media and google!

What are the main issues impacting your local market?

Due to the present economic challenges, everyone is currently facing increases in living costs – including when it comes to renewing clients’ mortgages! House prices have increased meaning first-time buyers are finding it harder and harder to get on the property ladder.

What challenges are you facing as a broker?

Regular rates changes, resulting in us having to act face to receive everything required from clients in order to submit applications and secure the rates.

Being situated in a small town has meant there is strong competition between brokers in the area.

Due to the drastic changes in the market, with house prices increasing and lenders making it more difficult for buyers to get mortgages, we believe this has adjusted the persona of brokers and clients being quicker to turn to the bank for ease.

What are the main opportunities for brokers in your area and nationally?

We have the flexibility to offer home visits, telephone or video calls or clients are welcomed into our office for a face-to-face meeting.

We have senior advisers on board who had worked in high street banks for many years prior to joining the team, so we have the knowledge to explain to clients the benefits of using a broker and the one-on-one service clients will receive.

What could lenders do to help further your business?

Speaking to an underwriter personally instead of automatic emails as it delays. Manually assessing complex cases which would require a personal touch.

What sets you apart from the competition?

We offer a flexible yet professional approach to ensure we are personalising our service to tailor each client’s needs – after all, every client is different and comes with different wants and needs.

How should potential borrowers contact you?

Day & Knight Financial Services

Tel: 01502 473023

Check us out on Google – we’re the Top Rated Mortgage Brokerage in our area!  day&knight financial services – Google Search