Meet the broker… Blueprint East Sussex

Meet Kirsty Wells of Blueprint East Sussex

Tell us about your business?

Blueprint East Sussex comprises of myself and John Sharp. I have the amazing Becky Orr to assist in all administration related tasks to alleviate the mountain of paperwork.

I became a mortgage advisor in 2015 after working in the property industry for the previous 12 years. I love being able to help clients in one of the most landmark events in their life.

I help the typical busy family to make their final move into their dream home, without being stressed.

Where are you based and where do you operate geographically?

We are based in St Leonards on Sea, mainly covering East Sussex providing face-to-face service or anywhere in the UK via phone/video calls.

What are the main issues impacting your local market?

There is a real lack of stock, so many buyers are having to still give best and final offers on properties which is then pushing the prices up.

What challenges are you facing as a broker?

It’s very frustrating that lenders are pulling their products at very short notice. We are having to stress urgency to our clients that if there is a delay in submitting the application then this could result in the interest rate no longer being available.

Also, lenders service levels have been atrocious. With some lenders it feels that the application goes into a black hole for weeks upon end.

What are the main opportunities for brokers in your area and nationally?

There is a massive demand for remortgages currently. Also, clear and concise advice is needed for clients, as I speak to many clients that at the beginning of the process don’t really understand what the process involves.

What could lenders do to help further your business?

Provide more face-to-face BDM’s and also empower them to be able to make a difference in a case. The odd lender can do this and it makes such a difference when submitting a case, feeling more confident rather than feeling like we are throwing darts in the dark.

What sets you apart from the competition?

I provide home visits where required as many clients feel more comfortable in their own home discussing financial matters.

I am a strong believer in positivity and try to keep my clients upbeat. As the homebuying process can be very stressful I aim to alleviate the pressure where possible.

How should potential borrowers contact you?

[email protected]