Mortgage Magic launches back-office system

Mortgage Magic has launched Prometheus, an off-the-shelf back-office system, for mortgage brokers.

Prometheus provides mortgage brokers with all of the core features of the Mortgage Magic platform, which has been specifically designed as a single unified tool to help mortgage brokers run their business.

The Prometheus back-office system features a built-in CRM system, E-ID verification, direct messaging and secure UK-based document storage that complies with GDPR. It also allows company owners to manage and monitor business activities.

Tanjir Sugar (pictured), director at Mortgage Magic, said: “Mortgage Magic provides brokers with a comprehensive solution for running their business, covering all areas of the mortgage advice process, from sourcing, conveyancing, general insurance to protection and much more.

“It’s the result of a collaboration between a group of IFAs and mortgage advisers and technology experts, who worked together to conceive an intelligent mortgage platform for the industry.

“We identified that there wasn’t a single system in the market that truly catered for mortgage brokers, networks and distributors. So, we decided to do something about it.

“We have combined our expertise to create a platform that seamlessly integrates every part of a mortgage business into one place via cutting edge technology. 

“The launch of Prometheus gives brokers access to an off-the-shelf back-office system r that provides clients with a seamless and enjoyable experience and empowers brokers to scale their business.

“It means that brokers can spend less time grappling with complicated software or performing arduous admin, and more time doing what they do best – advising their clients.”

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