Nivo wins Fintech Innovator Award

Lending tech business Nivo has won the Asset Finance Connect (AFC) Fintech Innovator Award for the second year in a row.

The award was formed to recognise innovative businesses shaping the future of the asset finance industry.

Nivo’s app-based offering has features including biometric ID verification and secure instant messaging technology.

This technology can be white-labelled or integrated into an existing mobile app.

Damon Williams (pictured), sales director at Nivo, said: “A year is a long time in fintech so were delighted to win this award for innovation for a second year running.

“Technology is drastically changing the way brokers, funders and customers do business, particularly in terms of communication and ID verification solutions.

“By automating processes which were previously slow and resource heavy, businesses are able to release their highly skilled staff from repetitive and boring tasks and instead set them to work adding value in ways only humans can.”

He added: “This technological transformation is helping many of our customers to grow their businesses and we would like to thank them and Asset Finance Connect for their support.”