Mortgage Marketing Forum and Pegasus Insight launch market research study

The Mortgage Marketing Forum and Pegasus Insight have launched a collaborative market insight solution, called Project Athena.

This syndicated study that was formed in order to understand the behaviours of consumers and mortgage brokers.

This will be conducted by a quantitative study among 3,000 mortgagees and a series of qualitative interviews with brokers.

This was designed to give a 360-degree market perspective to help lenders with their overall proposition and product development initiatives.

It will also provide insight that lenders can share with brokers that will help with their own Consumer Duty requirements.

Jeff Knight, director at The Mortgage Marketing Forum, said: “The timing of this research could not be better, and I am so pleased to be able to work collaboratively with Pegasus Insight on this project.

“There is a lot of talk about the challenges in the market right now and I am confident this research will unearth a number of solutions.

“And because it is a syndicated study, it offers many budget benefits for lenders, versus the cost of developing the same research on a standalone basis.”

Mark Long, director at Pegasus Research, added: “We have spoken to a number of interested lenders already, who see this project as vital for their strategic development.

“They also see how they can use this insight to be more helpful to brokers.

“Already, two leading mortgage lenders have confirmed their participation, because they instantly knew this insight will not just give them a competitive advantage in terms of strategy development, but because it will arm them with so much content they can share with their brokers.”