PriceHubble partners with NayaOne

PriceHubble, a provider of data-driven real estate solutions, has partnered with NayaOne, which enables bank-fintech collaboration.

PriceHubble’s artificial intelligence (AI) enabled real estate valuations and insights solution will be accessible to a range of financial institutions via NayaOne’s Digital Transformation Platform.

The partnership was a step for PriceHubble in expanding its reach within the UK mortgage space.

Neil Robinson, country partnerships manager at PriceHubble, said: “Across Europe, we have seen an increase in financial institutions looking to accelerate their digital transformation, particularly in ways which embrace the growing need for improved consumer engagement and retention.

“As we expand into the UK market, supporting innovation in the same way is critical, and this partnership brings value to financial institutions by providing them with the ability to easily evaluate our solutions via the NayaOne’s Digital Transformation Platform, and to understand how we can support them with their strategy.”

Oli Platt, product and marketplace manager at NayaOne, added: “We are happy to have Pricehubble on the NayaOne’s marketplace.

“PriceHubble’s solution will unlock new frontiers in the real estate industry, empowering financial institutions with data-driven insights, analysis and driving the future of property market intelligence.”