SimplyBiz unveils largest ever Autumn training programme for its members

SimplyBiz has just rolled out its plans for the upcoming autumn events. Over the next three months, member firms will have access to a roster of over 150 unique event options, making it the most extensive offering of its kind in the sector.

The diverse event lineup will cater to both virtual and in-person preferences, covering a broad spectrum of subjects such as investments, regulation, lending, protection, technology, and pensions. Furthermore, best practice forums will provide advisers an avenue to exchange ideas and insights.

As part of the Learning and Development Events (LDEs) this autumn, SimplyBiz has scheduled events across 20 venues in England and Wales for its members. In addition, Compliance First Clients have a selection of events at six locations spanning Scotland, Northern Ireland, and North England. Attendees can expect key regulatory updates, insights from the senior management team, including from Joint CEO, Neil Stevens.

Complementing the learning events, SimplyBiz is also set to launch a variety of crucial training sessions. The lineup includes supervisor courses, SMF 16 and SMF 17 workshops, and vital training on mortgage fraud prevention and anti-money laundering protocols.

Marc Thompson, SimplyBiz’s adviser services director, said: “In these times of significant shifts, and with clients potentially requiring more direct interactions than before, we recognize the constraints on advisers. We’ve meticulously designed our events, collaborating with our provider partners and in-house experts to ensure each session is both enriching and engaging.”

Thompson also emphasised the critical role of feedback in refining their offerings, adding: “The feedback loop with our members is paramount in tailoring our events. The high attendance rates at the beginning of the year affirm that our approach is resonating well with our community.”