Getting the best out of everyone

As a business, we are proud to offer our clients a truly holistic financial planning service with the ethos of treating everybody we deal with as we would like to be treated ourselves.

This philosophy isn’t limited to our outwards-facing activities, however. We also take this holistic approach and high level of personal respect to the advisers that make up the Rosemount Financial Solutions (IFA) firm and network.

Many mortgage and protection advisers and IFAs join a network because they want to grow their business. They understand that having strong support behind them makes this easier to achieve. But in our experience, a great many of these advisers don’t realise just how much support there is on offer and, consequently, how far they can take their business.

We have seen a number of cases where we took on sole traders writing £30,000 of business a year who, within four years, had increased this number to £250,000.

The network advantage

This kind of performance improvement is made possible through a full spectrum of support that includes standard offerings from networks, such as compliance services and access to a Business Strategy Manager, to facilities we believe are either unique to us or are executed in a different – and better – way.

For example, advisers of all types in our network can expect to take part in masterclasses on product areas and other aspects of running a business, to join regional peer groups of roughly 20 advisers each for some local backup, to access training for your administration and paraplanning staff, and to get support when looking to recruit new members of staff.

As well as this, we offer marketing support – think logos and graphic design to running a website and social media accounts – alongside numerous other benefits, such as access to an online forum for advisers and to our annual conference in January.

Our dedication to offering the full gamut of financial services means we have a deep pool of knowledge and experience to draw from, and our hiring and acquisition strategy of taking on both directly authorised advisers and entire firms means this knowledgebase is always expanding. And all of this is leveraged into our training and support services to help each member of our network grow.

Another key part of guiding our advisers to becoming the best they can be is our favourable staff ratio. It is common for other networks to assign one staff member for up to 80 advisers. We dedicate one staff member per four advisers, meaning that you can always expect to speak to a human being. We believe this demonstrates a level of care on a truly personalised level. It is perfect manifestation of how we go about our business, from top to bottom.

Grow together

No matter how smart and hard a worker a single adviser may be, to take their business to the next stage will always require support machinery working behind them. Our offer to mortgage and protection advisers and IFAs of all stripes is to become part of a welcoming, respectful, and high-achieving network made up of people who champion this sector in everything they do.

Ahmed Bawa is chief executive officer at Rosemount Financial Solutions (IFA) Ltd