Target Group launches mortgage originations hub

Target Group has officially unveiled its Mortgage Hub, a cutting-edge mortgage originations system that promises to significantly alter how lenders and brokers handle mortgages.

Developed over a span of two years, Mortgage Hub is distinctive for its user-centric approach as opposed to a product-centric one. The new system aims to streamline communication and workflow for both lenders and brokers by providing a unified, real-time view of each case.

The development of Mortgage Hub was a thoroughly research-intensive process. Target Group engaged with a range of stakeholders including brokers, lenders, conveyancers, and surveyors.

Through workshops and user testing, the company tailored the system to meet the specific needs and preferences of these users. Additionally, behavioural scientists were involved in designing the user interface to minimise cognitive overload and enhance user engagement.

One of the standout features of the Mortgage Hub is its modular design. The platform is highly configurable, with a single base code to which new functionalities can be deployed. Lenders can then choose to accept or ignore these additional features.

The system’s design also eliminates redundant data entry. It integrates seamlessly with other platforms such as panel managers and CRM systems, thereby improving efficiency and accuracy.

Katie Pender, managing director at Target Group, said: “We have invested considerable time in the development and pilot stages to ensure the Mortgage Hub responds to the actual needs of people in the mortgage industry.

“It is not just faster and simpler for the end borrower, but also adaptable. Given the unpredictable changes in the market recently, such as the pandemic and legislative alterations like stamp duty holidays, we’ve designed Mortgage Hub to be quickly updatable so that we can adapt to evolving lender needs and economic conditions.”

Pender further stressed the company’s broader aim with the launch: “Our primary objective is to positively impact how all our customers feel—be it lenders, brokers, conveyancers, or borrowers. We firmly believe that Mortgage Hub achieves this goal.”