‘Best Broker in the Universe 2023’ competition opens for entries

Free news agency Newspage, in association with The Intermediary and MPowered Mortgages, has launched the ‘Best Broker In The Universe 2023’ competition which is now open for entries.

Brokers are encouraged to nominate themselves and demonstrate why they believe they are the best not only in their local area or the UK but across the galaxy and the universe in 2023.

The winner of this will be announced before Christmas in The Intermediary, featuring a profile of the winner and their business. Fear not, the profile will be accompanied by creatively sourced images representing the moon, stars and whatnot to set the scene.

Alongside the profile, the winning prize for the ‘Best Broker In The Universe 2023’ includes a packet of Quavers from Newspage, an iPad in the colour of the winner’s choice with a second-generation pencil, and exclusive merchandise from MPowered Mortgages.

In a twist to traditional submission formats, participants are encouraged to send in a TikTok or Instagram reel to make their entries more engaging.

Dominic Hiatt, founder of Newspage, said: “I had my first packet of Quavers in 1981 and the experience, as all those E numbers dissolved in my mouth, transformed my life.

“I now want others to experience what I did back then so Newspage is offering one bag of the nation’s 19th favourite crisp to the winner of The Best Broker in the Entire Universe 2023 in association with The Intermediary and MPowered.

“The phone is guaranteed to ring off the hook for whoever wins this award throughout the whole of 2024. Best of all you don’t need to pay for a table at another laboured industry event.”

Ryan Fowler, publisher of The Intermediary, added: “I’ve always believed that extraordinary achievements deserve extraordinary rewards. Having just spent the past 15 minutes reading about the UK’s favourite crisps I have a newfound appreciation for this competition’s coveted top prize.

“There are plenty of awards out there and congratulations to all those who’ve scooped a gong elsewhere.

“But it’s been a long old year and this competition from Newspage provides a lighthearted way for brokers to end the year and get their hands on a top prize – also there’s an iPad up for grabs, thanks Mpowered! Good luck!”

The deadline competition is fast approaching, with the winner set to be announced on Monday, 11th December.

Brokers looking to take part can register with Newspage for free to place their entry.