Building business through high-net-worth individuals

High-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) often have significant and diverse business needs which, as their broker, you want to ensure you’re exploring thoroughly.

Not every lender can successfully accommodate broker trade in this category, but Harpenden can.

Brokers need to assess the opportunity carefully to create successful outcomes. Here are a few pointers:

Customised solutions

In our experience, HNWIs often have complex financial situations, which may include diverse sources of income, investments, and assets. They look for a mortgage lender who can provide customised solutions that take into account their individual financial circumstances and goals. We work with HNWIs and their brokers on a daily basis and have built a high level of expertise in this area.

Personalised service

Those in the high net worth bracket typically expect a high level of personalised service. They prefer working with a mortgage lender who can offer dedicated advisors who understand their unique needs and can provide one-on-one assistance throughout the application process. Time is taken so every Harpenden mortgage is assessed in detail and manually underwritten to ensure a positive outcome is secured wherever possible.

Competitive rates and criteria

While HNWIs may have substantial financial resources, they still value competitive interest rates and loan terms. They look for mortgage lenders that offer attractive rates and who offer flexibility with regards to criteria. It’s important to partner with a lender who can provide this.


High net worth customers are often busy individuals, so they value mortgage lenders who can process their applications quickly and efficiently. Streamlined underwriting and approval processes are essential. Brokers coming to Harpenden, as a specialist in this category, can save their customers time and money.

Large loan expertise

HNWIs frequently require large loans, which may exceed standard criteria. At Harpenden we welcome large mortgage loan applications and the high levels of complexity they can bring. We have expert knowledge and capability in this area.


Choosing the right lender, in an often-multifaceted situation, is key to brokers securing the best mortgage solution for HNWI customers. Mainstream institutions don’t always look beyond their standard lending criteria so the complex incomes of many HNWIs, the typical purchasers of multi-million-pound properties, may not fit their lending model and the application may be declined. A specialist approach is needed.

Chelsea Pordage is business development manager at Harpenden Building Society