Greenfield Mortgages reduces rates to start from 0.75% per month

Greenfield Mortgages has announced a rate reduction for their bridging loans, which now start at 0.75% per month.

Richard Keen (pictured), national account manager at Greenfield Mortgages, commented on the announcement: “Our rate reduction to 0.75% per month is a strategic decision to enhance our offering in the bridging loan market.

“It reflects our commitment to providing efficient and client-focused services, backed by our extensive experience in the sector.”

The lender prioritises a streamlined process from the initial enquiry to completion, ensuring efficiency for clients. Underwriting begins immediately with the first contact, be it a phone call or an email, leading to prompt and dependable initial decisions. Furthermore, full decisions on applications are typically made within two hours.

Greenfield Mortgages caters to a broad range of client needs by offering both regulated and unregulated bridging options.