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Housing Minister sacked as Sunak continues with reshuffle

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has removed Rachel Maclean from her position as Minister of State for Housing and Planning. She was the 15th Housing Minister since 2010.

Maclean was appointed to this role on 7th February 2023 and has served in various Government positions since her election as the Conservative MP for Redditch in 2017.

Prior to her recent role, Maclean served as Minister of State at the Ministry of Justice from September to October 2022.

Her career also includes a tenure as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Home Office from September 2021 to July 2022, and at the Department for Transport from February 2020 to September 2021.

The reshuffle also sees the return of former Prime Minister David Cameron as Foreign Secretary and the appointment of James Cleverly as the new Home Secretary, replacing the sacked Suella Braverman.

Maclean’s departure from the housing and planning portfolio is part of a broader reshuffle aimed at addressing current Government challenges in the polls.


Paresh Raja, CEO of Market Financial Solutions:

“The merry-go-round continues. We are about to welcome the 16th housing minister since 2010, and while the chopping and changing of ministerial positions has become all too common across the board in recent years, the level of turnover in this particular role is a notable concern.

“Creating clear and consistent policies – let alone delivering on them – is inevitably difficult with such frequent changes in personnel, and this impacts homeowners, buyers, renters and investors alike.

“A sense of stability is important in virtually every industry, and the property sector would certainly benefit from an extended period with a single Housing Minister, although this is only likely after the next General Election.”

Justin Moy, managing director at EHF Mortgages:

“Given how important housing is to our society, it is a shame we have such a ministerial merry-go-round. Plenty of the property issues date back long before Maclean’s time in the role, and there are not a lot of quick fixes either, so the need to remove her must be in readiness for an election. Why does the Government continue to play roulette with some of the most important roles in the cabinet?”

Scott Taylor-Barr, financial adviser Barnsdale Financial Management:

“No Government department can hope to perform well without consistent leadership and, sadly, housing seems to be one department where this Government likes to play musical chairs more than most.

“This is a shame, as it’s an area that’s vital to the economy and the vast majority of people’s sense of security and well-being. The recent fiasco around wall-cladding is a perfect example of how a lack of consistency in post can cause harm and distress to a huge number of people.”

Graham Cox, founder at director mortgage broker SEMH:

“It shows how little this Government care about housing that they so easily swap out housing ministers every five minutes. It’s either that or the quality of ministers being appointed is desperately poor. Either way, what a lamentable administration this is. We’re in the middle of a housing crisis, with rents and mortgages soaring. The country deserves better.”

Riz Malik, founder & director at R3 Mortgages:

“Today’s cabinet reshuffle is Rishi’s one last push to secure a victory at the next election. Based on recent polls, it’s likely that the incoming Housing Minister will also serve for less than a year. This highlights one of the main reasons why the UK’s housing crisis may never be solved.”

Gary Bush, financial adviser at MortgageShop.com:

“ANOTHER HOUSING MINISTER – the UK is never going to gain the much-needed traction in housebuilding with a change at the top coming so frequently. To have had 15 MPs in this position, which is so valuable to the general public, in the time that the Torys have been in power demonstrates the lack of importance they give to this post. Sad news, and next………………………”

Lewis Shaw, owner and mortgage expert at Shaw Financial Services:

“And the revolving door that is the housing ministry turns again. What a farce this is. The government and, by extension, the country is falling apart at the seams. More instability is the last thing anyone needs right now. I think everyone can now agree whatever your political affiliation is, we need a general election now.”

Michelle Lawson, director at Lawson Financial:

“This came as no surprise. This post needs to be made a senior role with more responsibility rather than a junior role feeding the higher departments. Housing is one of the fundamentals of the UK economy and, given the current housing crisis, needs someone that can turn it around for the better before the whole thing implodes further. It needs a long-term plan, not endless short-termism.”

Simon Bridgland, broker/ director at Release Freedom:

“What a shambles. The UK has such a dire need to get this right, yet such incompetence is displayed. Is this role the government equivalent of being sat on the naughty step? You’ve been very naughty, just sit there and don’t touch anything. So don’t hold your breath on anything changing (other than the new minister) or improving.

“How can any new policy be introduced let alone seen through to the end with yet another department flutterby dipping its proboscis into the housing department’s nectar, then stumbling onto the next pretty flower that grabs their attention? Changes need to be pushed through and seen to work before any confidence can be given to minister 16. I’ve just submitted my application for the post, my ticket says No.31, please take a seat. So apparently, there are 15 candidates in front of me…I’m hopeful of my successful application before the summer recess after the others have had a go.”

Amit Patel, adviser at Trinity Finance:

“Rishi Sunak marks the start of the Hindu New Year with a re-shuffle of the Cabinet with yet another Housing Minister. The housing crisis is getting worse and yet this Government have no stability in this key position.

“They bang on that this is a top priority for them but I have little faith that they want to address the issue. We’ve now had more Housing Ministers than managers at Chelsea Football Club since 2010.”

Rohit Kohli, operations director at The Mortgage Stop:

“Not again! This just shows that this government has no clue about housing and what state it is in. We need to get serious about the state of housing and the property market. Renters, homeowners, landlords and developers alike should all feel let down by this merry-go-round of ministers.”

Elliott Culley, director at Switch Mortgage Finance:

“Fifteen Housing Ministers since 2010 says all you need to know. It’s very difficult to get any traction on improving and supporting the housing market if you don’t have adequate time to introduce your vision and plans.”