Just Refer provides more than 400 leads for Just Mortgages and Just Wealth

Just Refer, the referral portal for national brokerage Just Mortgages and financial services arm Just Wealth, has supported brokers in referring more than 400 clients for wider financial advice.

Launched in the summer, the Just Refer portal enables brokers at Just Mortgages to refer clients to Just Wealth for pensions, savings and investments advice, as well as support with protection.

The platform has since expanded, allowing those without the necessary licences to refer clients to a Just Mortgages broker for business protection, equity release and commercial advice.

Dave Magee, head of wealth at Just Wealth, said: “Since its launch, the portal has proven to be a real win-win, enabling brokers to increase their value to the client and generate additional revenue.

“Meanwhile, Just Wealth advisers can hit the ground running with access to a higher quality of leads and referrals.

“Such is its success, we have even had external parties enquire as to whether they too can utilise the platform.”

He added: “The brokers at Just Mortgages have always been a great source of new business for our advisers and the increased line of sight only improves that relationship.

“The new platform has brought greater efficiencies, helping to digitise and automate the process, as well as standardising all the information in one platform for advisers to analyse.” 

Ben Allkins (pictured), head of mortgages and protection at Just Mortgages, said: “Just a few months on from its launch, Just Refer is working really well with high levels of adoption.

“It’s also having the desired effect as brokers are remaining in the loop throughout the referral process with greater dialogue among all parties and better information.”

He concluded: “As brokers look to maximise their income in the current climate, the ability to refer clients for wealth advice, but also the likes of business protection, equity release and commercial advice is hugely valuable.

“Not only is it a great option for our employed brokers, it’s a great avenue for those self-employed brokers who may not make the most of completing our licence training programmes.

“Instead they can refer in-house and benefit from the revenue share. We only expect the number of referrals to increase as more brokers explore the opportunities available.”