Nicholas Christofi

Karis Capital launches as new advisory firm in UK real estate finance

Karis Capital has been launched as a real estate debt advisory firm, led by CEO Nicholas Christofi and co-founder Demetrios Antoniou, targeting UK developers and investors.

The firm aims to offer innovative financial strategies in real estate finance, drawing on the expertise of its leadership.

Christofi, known for his structured finance background, and Antoniou, with his experience in property investment and banking, are set to bring a new perspective to real estate financing.

The firm, based in the City of London, will offer services nationwide, including development funding, short-term lending, investment finance, commercial mortgages, high net worth mortgages, asset finance, and commercial insurance.

Positioning itself as a strategic partner for developers and investors, Karis Capital plans to act as an external financial director, guiding clients through real estate financing complexities. The firm is expected to announce its board and executive team soon, underscoring its commitment to expertise and strategic guidance.

In addition to its advisory services, Karis Capital is set to introduce exclusive products in collaboration with key lenders, along with complimentary financial strategy reviews, emphasising its focus on long-term client relationships.

Regarding the launch, Nicholas Christofi, CEO of Karis Capital, said: “We are thrilled to bring Karis Capital to the real estate community. Our goal is to redefine the way developers and investors approach financing. We are not just offering solutions; we are building enduring partnerships that fuel success.”