Marcus Dussard

KSEYE cuts bridging rates and reverts to fixed-rate products

Bridging lender KSEYE has announced a cut in rates across its lending portfolio, reintroducing fixed-rate products in a bid to support brokers and their clients.

The reduction is a reaction to the recent dip in the inflation rate, with residential bridging products now starting at a rate of 0.93%.

Loan amounts begin at £150,000 and loan-to-value ratios are up to 75%.

Marcus Dussard, sales director at KSEYE, said: “In our commitment to better assist brokers’ clients across deals of all sizes, we’ve implemented rate reductions across all product types.

“Returning to fixed rates is aimed at offering certainty to borrowers benefiting from a KSEYE bridging loan… Stay tuned for upcoming announcements that will transition us from a ‘brokers’ best-kept secret’ to a go-to lender for your bridging needs.”