NatWest reduces selected mortgage rates and extends end dates

NatWest is set to cut its mortgage rates for existing customers, effective from tomorrow (21st November).

The changes include rate reductions across various 2-year and 5-year fixed-rate switcher products. Selected 2- and 5-year deals in NatWest’s switcher range will benefit from a rate reduction of up to 0.40% and 0.29%.

In the 2-year fixed-rate category, notable reductions include a 0.25% drop from 5.55% to 5.30% on the 60% loan-to-value (LTV) product with a £495 fee, and a 0.13% decrease from 6.10% to 5.97% on the 90% LTV option, which carries a £995 fee.

For 5-year fixed-rate switchers, the 60% LTV product will see a 0.18% reduction to 4.89%, with a £995 fee.

The 90% LTV product, also with a £995 fee, will experience a 0.18% decrease, bringing it down to 5.44%.

The end dates for these products are also being updated, with 2-year terms extending to 31st March 2026 and 5-year terms to 31st March 2029.

No changes have been announced for new business products.