Scotland sees significant uptake in local authority licensing applications

The latest statistics from Scotland’s Chief Statistician show a substantial response to the local authority licensing scheme, with 4,761 applications received and validated up to 30th June 2023.

This figure includes a notable increase across the quarters, with 1,177 applications in Oct-Dec 2022, 1,500 in Jan-Mar 2023, and a significant jump to 2,084 in Apr-Jun 2023.

Areas like Highland, Fife, and Dumfries and Galloway have seen the highest numbers of applications, while urban areas such as Edinburgh and Glasgow have recorded fewer applications.

The data also reveals a higher application rate in areas like Na h-Eileanan Siar and Highland when measured per 10,000 dwellings.

The majority of applications (99%) have been for full licenses, indicating a strong move towards regularising property letting in Scotland.

Additionally, 70% of the valid applications have information on the provisional or new status of the license, showing a healthy mix of existing and new operators in the market.

As of 30th June 2023, nearly half of the applications were pending determination, with a significant proportion already granted. The types of properties involved are varied, with the majority being secondary lettings.