Edward Blackmore

Suros Capital offers 3% commission to introducers

Suros Capital is offering brokers 3% commission on loans secured against luxury assets until Christmas.

The new deal marks a 2% increase on the current baseline commission and cases received before Christmas Day that go on to complete are eligible for the new fee.

Ed Blackmore, business development director of sales at Suros Capital, said: “The enhanced commission deal is an added incentive to introducers to help them spotlight clients who need immediate short-term funding for any purpose, but where conventional borrowing is not quick enough.

“If they are in possession of luxury assets such as jewellery, fine art, watches, luxury and classic cars and fine wine, we can lend within days rather than months with the minimum of paperwork and without the usual cumbersome and expensive need to engage solicitors and surveyors.”

He added: “We want every broker to be more aware of the opportunities for clients whose liquid resources are tied up but have assets which can be used to secure a loan from us.

“We are usually able to release funds within 24 hours of assessing the asset value. With up to 80% of wealthy clients having suitable assets, this is still an untapped market for many brokers.”