TML assists across multiple refinancing deals worth £6.5m

The Mortgage Lender (TML) has helped refinance four separate property deals collectively worth £6.5m.

Across four different property portfolio cases, TML helped to secure competitive rates, raise additional funds to recoup build costs for developers, and raise additional equity to allow clients to move onto their next projects.

The cases involved a mix of standard buy-to-let properties and houses in multiple occupation (HMO) remortgages.

Multiple teams at TML worked together on the cases with broker Sy Nathan, from Dynamo.

Alice Baggott, business development manager (BDM) at TML, supported by TML’s portfolio team, assessed each case separately in order to address the complexities of each individual case.

Louise Apollonio, head of corporate accounts at TML, said: “These cases presented a number of complexities and required specialist expertise in order to tackle each stage.

“From completing an intercompany purchase to a subsidiary all the way through to undertaking an HMO remortgage.

“This called on the talents of our BDMs, dedicated underwriters, and portfolio team, all of whom were able to work together to complete the refinancing required for the end clients.”

Apollonio continued: “With complex buy-to-let cases such as this, we take pride in our brokers who work hard to streamline the process so that the complicated part is taken out.

“This effort is key to TML’s ethos and is testament to the team’s knowledge and strong relationships.”

Sy Nathan, mortgage manager at Dynamo, added: “With current market conditions adding pressure on property transactions, it is more vital than ever to be able to rely on strong relationships built over the years.

“And that is exactly what the TML team demonstrated when working on these cases. Leading up to completion, we faced a number of obstacles, but the proactive approach by Alice, Diane, and Rebecca meant we were able to deliver a positive outcome for our clients.

“We’re enormously proud of the team effort and grateful to work alongside such a dedicated lender.”