YBS Commercial extends 5% fee buy-to-let offering up to 70% LTV

YBS Commercial Mortgages has added a new option to its buy-to-let (BTL) range this week in a bid to support landlords.

The commercial lender introduced a product for corporate buy-to-let clients borrowing more than £1m, up to 70% loan-to-value (LTV), which comes with a rate of 5.30% fixed for 5-years, along with a 5% arrangement fee.

This followed changes introduced in October, when YBS Commercial Mortgages added a 5-year fix at 65% LTV for loans of more than £1m with the same 5% fee, allowing investors the choice of benefitting from a better rate by paying a higher fee upfront.

Tom Simpson (pictured), managing director of YBS Commercial Mortgages, said: “We introduced the original 5% fee product in October, following broker feedback that lower rate, higher fee offerings provide more choice for investors.  

“That’s why we’re delighted to be able to extend this up to 70% LTV, offering this option to investors with lower levels of equity and ensuring that we remain competitive, listening and reacting to the needs of our brokers and borrowers at all times.”