Propp integrates Nivo tech to accelerate finance application

Propp has announced the integration of Nivo’s white-labelled app, a move that is set to modernise ID verification, secure document exchange, and messaging for their specialist finance applications.

This technological advancement aims to simplify and secure the application process, making it faster and more efficient for clients.

Ben Larkin, chief technology officer at Propp, emphasised the importance of this integration, said: “Customers expect transactions to be quick and painless, which unfortunately is not always the case in the specialist finance space.” He added that it was essential to find a solution that not only sped up the process but also added a layer of security to protect against fraud and data breaches.

Peter Williams, CEO of Propp, highlighted the impact of the Nivo integration, adding: “Ultimately, this means we’re able to get funds into our clients’ accounts more quickly, which is just one more way we’re able to elevate the standard of the service we provide.”

He also noted that the integration was crucial during a period of growth, allowing the team to focus more on case completion rather than administrative tasks.