Gen H greets 2024 with rate reductions of up to 0.67%

Gen H has made further rate cuts across its entire product range, following its introduction of sub 4% rates in late December.

Highlights from the new wave of reductions included a 2-year standard product with fee at 5.32%, bundle for 5.27%, at 85% loan-to-value (LTV).

The lender also reduced its 90% LTV options by between 0.40% and 0.55%.

95% LTV products were reduced by 0.60%, with all 5-year rates at sub-5% and all 2-year products below 6%.

Gen H is still offering its 3.94% rate on 60% LTV 5-year homebuying bundle products, and 3.99% for 60% LTV 5-year standard products.

Pete Dockar, commercial director at Gen H, said: “We were thrilled to have been able to have introduced the first sub-4% to the market – making rate reductions whenever we can is core to our ethos.

“Today, we’re excited to show we can help people no matter their deposit size, whether they’re remortgaging in the 60% LTV band or buying their first home with a smaller deposit.

“We make these reductions because they make a difference to real people. That’s why we’re here.”