Mortgage Industry Mental Health Charter achieves 100th signatory

The Mortgage Industry Mental Health Charter (MIMHC) has reached its 100th signatory milestone.

The MIMHC is a voluntary commitment made by firms to promote and support mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

The charter was launched in October 2020, in response to the growing concerns over mental health issues within the mortgage sector. 

Since then, the MIMHC has gained support from firms across the mortgage industry, including lenders, brokers, and trade associations, most recently from Habito.

Penny Desbrough, vice president of Habito, said: “Having personally suffered with poor mental health in the past, it remains hugely valuable that we keep the conversation going.

“It’s important to recognise that everyone is individual, so from a culture perspective, having regular dialogue and supporting our Habitonians is key to making Habito a success.

“Being part of the MIMHC was always on the agenda and I’m delighted that we’re the 100th signatory! I look forward to seeing those numbers continue to grow.”

Nicola Firth, co-founder at MIMHC, added: “We are really proud to pass the 100 signatory milestone and our reach from these Companies now extends to 20,000 individuals.

“2024 promises to be our best ever year and I’m excited that we will soon be announcing an extensive calendar of events which will be open to anyone working within our sector.”    

The MIMHC aims to provide a framework for firms to promote good mental health practices, reduce stigma surrounding mental health issues, and offer resources and support for employees who may be struggling.

By signing the charter, firms pledge to create a workplace culture that prioritises mental health and promotes open communication.