CLSQ to host webinar on enhancing property flood resilience

CLSQ has scheduled a complimentary live roundtable webinar titled ‘Addressing property flood risk head-on’ for Tuesday, 5th March, aimed at insurers, adjustors, and lenders. The webinar will provide valuable insights into enhancing flood resilience for properties, featuring discussions by industry veterans such as Graham Brogden MBE, formerly of Aviva, Ian Gibbs of Sedgwick Loss Adjustors, and flood resilience specialist Aaron Jones.

This session is designed to shed light on the current flood risk challenges that UK properties face and to explore viable solutions to mitigate these risks. The webinar is particularly tailored for professionals and organizations involved in insurance, loss adjustment, and property lending, promoting a unified approach towards fostering a more flood-resilient future.

Participants will gain practical knowledge on industry-leading standards in flood resilience and become equipped with actionable strategies for effective flood risk management.

Aaron Jones highlighted the significance of the webinar, stating, “Increasing incidence of flooding in the UK presents a growing risk to property – so what steps can be taken to make property more flood resilient?

“This engaging live webinar will include insights into the latest data-driven approaches that can help to reduce the overall risk profile of properties in flood-prone areas, with practical information on how insurers and loss adjusters can directly utilise these solutions themselves.”