NatWest finds 75% of UK renters want green changes from landlords amid rising costs

A new survey by NatWest and S&P Global reveals that 75% of UK renters facing potential rent hikes are calling for landlords to implement sustainable improvements in their properties.

The Greener Homes Attitudes Tracker uncovers a significant demand for energy-efficient features in rental homes, which generally have poorer insulation than owner-occupied residences.

With 63% of renters bracing for increased rents within the next year, three-quarters of this group are advocating for eco-friendly property upgrades to help alleviate financial strains.

The survey also highlights that only one in five homeowners plans to make sustainable modifications to their homes in the coming 12 months, citing cost and disruption as key deterrents.

Household energy bill insights from the survey indicate that 23% of households with mains gas and electricity spend between £100-£149 monthly on energy.

The report also notes a rise in environmentally conscious behaviors, such as increased use of public transport and clothing recycling.

Lloyd Cochrane, head of mortgages at NatWest, said: “Cost and disruption continue to be major barriers for homeowners looking to make sustainable changes to their homes.” In response, NatWest has launched the Home Energy Hub to streamline the process for homeowners to understand and finance necessary eco-friendly renovations.