Twenty7tec sees busiest week on record for mortgage searches

Twenty7tec has revealed that last week was the busiest on record for Twenty7tec with 528,539 mortgage searches on the platform.

The week also contained two of the top three busiest-ever days on its platform.

The data also showed that activity levels on Friday that would have been busy for an average Tuesday, normally the busiest day of the week.

Nathan Reilly, director at Twenty7tec, said: “As the weeks pass in 2024, we’re seeing increasing numbers of records set – with last week being our busiest ever on record.

“Sometime around 3pm on Monday 12th February, we will surpass the busiest-ever first 50 days of the working year for mortgage searches. The previous best was in 2023, and we’re going to overtake that figure with over six days to spare.”

He added: “Comparing the performance this year to date versus last year’s first 50 days is like watching the silver medallist getting lapped twice in a 5,000m Olympic race.

“Hopefully, that metaphor goes some way to explaining quite how busy advisers have been over recent weeks.

“January was already our busiest month ever on record, with over two million mortgage searches on our platform. But February has surpassed even those heights so far.

“Of course, it’s a shorter working month and we have half-term school breaks and other things which may cool the market slightly, but right now, the market is clearly hot.”