TwentyCi launches AI-driven Automated Valuation Model

TwentyCi has introduced a new Automated Valuation Model (AVM) leveraging AI to offer real-time residential property valuations.

Utilising its extensive DOMUS database, covering 36.1 million UK properties with detailed attributes, the AVM aims to enhance asset optimization and risk management for lenders, asset managers, and investors.

This AVM stands out for its ability to process large property portfolios, providing asset-by-asset analysis with a notable 95% accuracy confidence level, diverging by only +/- 3.6% from actual prices.

It’s designed to identify both high-performing assets and those requiring intervention, thus supporting proactive risk mitigation.

Colin Bradshaw, CEO of TwentyCi, emphasised the AVM’s significance, stating: “Our AVM is a game-changer because it provides a fast, reliable, and transparent way of valuing properties powered by the most comprehensive property dataset available in the UK.”

The AVM is available both as a standalone offering and within TwentyCi’s broader product suite.