CapitalRise boosts funding capacity with a significant facility increase

CapitalRise has expanded its funding capacity, securing a 50% increase in an existing funding line with a UK investment manager, initially established in November 2022.

This move is part of CapitalRise’s strategy to diversify its funding sources and bolster its model to back high-quality property development projects across Prime London, the Home Counties, and beyond.

Following the recent acquisition of a £250m bank funding line, this expansion demonstrates CapitalRise’s commitment to enhancing its lending capabilities. The facility now includes a revolver mechanism, allowing for the efficient redeployment of redeemed funds, thereby maximising the funding line’s potential.

Uma Rajah, CEO and Co-Founder of CapitalRise, said: “Our continued success in securing additional funding underscores our position as a trusted partner in prime property finance. We have really enjoyed working with this funding partner since 2022, and are delighted that this extension will allow us to do even more projects together.”

Lee Francis, head of origination at CapitalRise, underlined the impact of the funding increase: “The increase in this facility allows us to meet the escalating demand for bespoke lending solutions from our borrowers. With this expanded funding line, CapitalRise has further solidified our reputation as the preferred lender for prime property development finance.”

Pip Lashko-Sayers, associate director of Capital Markets, emphasised the importance of diversification: “CapitalRise remains committed to diversification, operating a robust multi-funded model. We believe that having a range of capital sources significantly improves the resilience of our business.”