Over 5 million private renters say they have a good landlord, finds Aldermore

Over 5.2 million private renters (69%) said that they have a ‘good landlord’, new research from Aldermore has revealed.

According to the firms recent survey of private renters, a quarter (26%) reported that they have been in their current rental property for one year or less.

Amongst this group, three quarters (74%) found it difficult to find a suitable property in their most recent search.

Three out of four (74%) private renters said that they felt like they were competing with more people, and as a result seven in 10 renters (72%) said it took them longer to find a suitable new home.

This has also led to an increase in costs, with a clear majority of private renters paying more than they initially intended (68%).

Elsewhere, three quarters (77%) of UK renters said that the Government is not currently doing enough to help them.

People aged 18 to 34 are more likely to agree with this than over 55s (80% vs 71%).

Jon Cooper, head of mortgages at Aldermore, said: “The relationship between landlords and renters is often presented as inherently challenging and dysfunctional, but as our research shows, this simply isn’t the case.

“Most private renters actually have a positive relationship with their landlord. I expect that this will surprise quite a few people. What it demonstrates is the abundance of good landlords in the market who are ethical, knowledgeable and trustworthy when dealing with their tenants.”

Cooper added: “That being said, it’s also clear that a majority of renters are struggling to find the right home due to intense demand for properties. There’s no overnight solution to fix this sadly.

“At Aldermore, we encourage lenders, landlords and governmental bodies to work more intelligently together so we can turn the tide and provide greater support to struggling renters.

“This support is vital in order to keep our private rental sector, which is fundamental to the addressing the UK’s housing demand, alive and well.”