Paragon Bank commits to Mortgage Industry Mental Health Charter

Paragon Bank has signed up to the Mortgage Industry Mental Health Charter (MIMHC).

Joining the ranks of seven co-founding firms and an expanding list of signatories, Paragon has committed to adhering to the MIMHC’s six governing rules. These rules embody best practice health and well-being guidelines designed to foster a supportive workplace environment.

The MIMHC’s mission is to offer guidance and a straightforward framework to help member companies develop and customise services that best cater to their employees’ mental health needs. This initiative comes in response to research indicating a worsening mental health situation within the mortgage industry.

Liz Edwards, head of people operations at Paragon Bank, said: “By signing the Mortgage Industry Mental Health Charter, we are making a profound statement about the importance of mental health and also taking tangible steps to implement practices and initiatives that support the well-being of our employees to create a healthy environment.”

Martin Reynolds, MIMHC co-founder and chief executive of SimplyBiz Mortgages, added: We are delighted Paragon Bank have become a Signatory of MIMHC and have made a clear commitment to help improve the mental health of their workers and partners.

“From the conversations held with Liz and her team it is clear Paragon have some excellent existing mental health strategies and wellbeing processes, and we very much look forward to hearing about those during virtual Signatory events we have scheduled in the second half of 2024.”