ASK facilitates over £45m in real estate investment liquidity through secondary market

ASK Partners has announced its digital private wealth platform has facilitated exchanges exceeding £45m in real estate debt investments.

The platform, serving high-net-worth individuals and family offices, allows users to invest in property loans and manage their portfolios online.

Mark Templeman, CIO at ASK, said: “Reaching over £45m in exchanges is evident of the growing number of investors looking for the greater choice, flexibility and liquidity which our private wealth platform can provide.”

The majority of the financing has gone towards planning-related costs in real estate development, with a focus on mixed-use and life-science projects, reflecting current market demands. ASK’s secondary market, a feature of their investment platform, has conducted 174 transactions, indicating robust activity and interest among investors.

Templeman underlined ASK’s commitment to technology as key to challenging conventional market players, added: “Innovation and integration are vital for industry disruption… We are committed to developing our own digital platform to meet the rising demand from high-net-worth investors for a best-in-class service and the ability to fully manage their own portfolio in one place online.”