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Just Mortgages switches to Smartr365 platform

Just Mortgages has made a shift to the Smartr365 platform for its customer relationship management (CRM) and back-office systems.

Just Mortgages moved to Smartr365 to streamline operations and enhance its customer service through new technology integration.

The Smartr365 system is currently being implemented and will be rolled out to the business over the summer.   

Smartr365’s flagship product, the Smartr365 Fact Find, allows customers to complete their own fact-find, while verifying their ID, address, and income using Experian services integrated within the Smartr365 ‘Homebuyer’ app.

According to the firm, the self-serve process could save advisers up to one hour on each case, ensuring a more comprehensive, accurate, and fully verified data set.

John Phillips (pictured), CEO of Just Mortgages and Spicerhaart, said: “With over 650 brokers in Just Mortgages now, our needs have changed significantly – and with it our requirements for our CRM and back-office system.

“With Smartr365, Just Mortgages gains access to a suite of services tailored to streamline our operations and elevate the customer experience.

“The platform’s seamless integration with leading lenders and comprehensive workflow automation aligns perfectly with our commitment to excellence in mortgage advisory services and sits well alongside our dedication to protection, wealth and general insurance advice.”

Conor Murphy, CEO of Smartr365 added: “Just Mortgages is a highly impressive company that has a track record of growing more rapidly than almost any other mortgage broker in the country over the past seven years – and doing so while also keeping standards high.

“The Smartr365 system will help enable Just Mortgages to continue that growth trajectory. 

“It will help to save Just Mortgages brokers’ time, increase efficiency while also making their lives easier.

“Our partnership underscores our shared commitment to innovation and excellence in mortgage advisory services, ultimately benefiting customers through enhanced efficiency and convenience.”