LendInvest Mortgages launches enhanced product transfer process

LendInvest Mortgages has launched a new, streamlined product transfer process for its buy-to-let customers approaching the end of their fixed-term. 

The new process boasts a reduced application form, dedicated underwriter support and no legals on pound-for-pound product transfers. 

Made possible by the mortgages portal, the majority of the customers’ information is automated.

This aims to save brokers and their customers valuable time so landlords can get the product they want, when they need it. 

Sophie Mitchell-Charman (pictured), commercial director at LendInvest, said: “We’ve said since the start of the year we want to back landlords to succeed, and through our technology and products we’re continuing to do that. 

“The new product transfer process is a huge milestone for us and a great leap forward for brokers and their customers, made possible by the power of the mortgages portal, we’ll help make the complex and stressful parts of the remortgage process simple.”