Mortgage Brain and Perenna set to offer masterclass on long-term fixed rate mortgages

Mortgage Brain has partnered with the lender Perenna to host a free online masterclass aimed at brokers, focusing on long-term fixed rate mortgages.

Scheduled for 25th April 2024 at 11:00am, the session intends to provide valuable insights into how these mortgage options can offer stability and flexibility to customers, while also enhancing borrowing power.

Katie Thompson, national account manager at Mortgage Brain, and Graham Laverty, intermediary support manager at Perenna, will lead the masterclass.

They plan to explore Perenna’s newly launched mortgage products that challenge traditional residential lending norms.

These products are designed to address current market issues like interest rate volatility and the difficulties faced by first-time buyers and those looking to refinance.

The masterclass will cover key areas such as the introduction to Perenna’s mortgage solutions, the balance of stability with flexibility through long-term fixed rates, and Perenna’s approach to maximising borrowing power without age limits.

Additionally, the session will highlight Perenna’s commitment to supporting brokers through their procuration fee strategy and conclude with real-life case studies and a Q&A session.

Pollyanna Puddephat, head of marketing for Mortgage Brain, said: “We are thrilled to join with Perenna for this ‘first of a kind’ Criteria Masterclass on long-term fixed rate mortgages… This partnership is a testament to our shared commitment to revolutionise the mortgage industry and provide unrivalled support to brokers and customers alike.”

Mortgage Brain’s Criteria Masterclass with Perenna will be conducted as an online webinar and available to all FCA registered mortgage advisers. Register for this event using this link: