Swansea-based Prime Financial Solutions and Yumo Finance merge to expand financial services offering

Swansea’s Prime Financial Solutions and Mortgages Ltd has partnered with Yumo Finance in a merger that consolidates their property and business finance services. Operating nationally, this merger aims to provide comprehensive financial assistance across the board.

Prime Financial Solutions and Mortgages Ltd will continue to deliver property financing services such as mortgages, remortgages, and insurance. Yumo Finance, now a sister brand, will cater to business financial needs, offering a range of loans and finance options.

Joint partners Gareth Morgan and Mark Watts lead the merged entity, blending residential and commercial finance expertise. The collaboration is designed to streamline financial processes for a variety of clients, from individual home buyers to commercial developers.

Gareth Morgan commented on the merger: “By merging our strengths, we are not only enhancing our ability to meet the diverse financial needs of our clients but also setting the stage for accelerated expansion. We have ambitious growth plans and, together, we are confident that our combined expertise will deliver an unparalleled client experience.”

Mark Watts added: “Our merger represents a strategic move towards greater synergy and efficiencies. Our businesses share many parallels, and we believe that together we are better positioned to pursue acquisition opportunities, to fuel our growth trajectory, and to solidify our position as a leader in the financial services sector.”