Fleet Mortgages launches 65% LTV limited company products and cuts selected rates

Fleet Mortgages has launched new limited company 65% loan-to-value (LTV) products and cut pricing on two of its 65% LTV standard products.

There are two new, 5-year fixed-rate limited company products launched today; one with a zero fee option, available at 5.64%, and a 5.44% product with a fixed fee of £1,999, available up to a maximum loan size of £300,000.

Fleet has also cut rates on two of its 65% LTV standard 5-year, fixed-rate products by 0.20%.

The zero fee option is now available at a rate of 5.64%, previously 5.84%, while the 5.44% product, previously 5.64%, has a £1,999 fixed fee.

All standard products come with a rental calculation of 125% at pay rate for basic tax payers and 145% at pay rate for higher rate tax payers.

Free valuations are available for properties valued up to £500,000, and are discounted for values above this.

Steve Cox (pictured), chief commercial officer at Fleet Mortgages, said: “After last week’s new standard product launches and rate cuts, this week we have been able to turn our attention to our limited company range, launching new 65% LTV 5-year fixes, with zero and fixed fee options.

“We’ve also been able to cut rates by a significant 0.20% for standard 65% LTV 5-year fixes, again with both zero and fixed fee options.

“Our aim here is to present advisers with a variety of options for their landlord clients, whether they want a lower rate with a fixed fee in order to help meet affordability, or they want a zero fee option.

“This is about providing a product proposition which works for a variety of wants and needs, for landlord borrowers seeking to either purchase or refinance.”