Charlie Bryant

Houseful’s 2023 ESG report outlines positive contribution to property industry

Houseful, the leading software, data, and insight business in residential property, which includes well-known brands such as Zoopla, Alto, and Hometrack, has shared key achievements from its 2023 ESG report.

From an environmental perspective, Houseful leveraged Hometrack’s data to expand its portfolio of energy performance products, including its EPC data solution, aiming to improve the quality and energy efficiency of the UK’s housing stock.

They also launched a dedicated team in Hometrack focused on climate risks and property decarbonisation, addressing the issue of the UK’s ageing housing stock.

Additionally, Houseful reduced its energy consumption at its Tower Bridge HQ, resulting in a 25% reduction of Scope 2 emissions.

Houseful has been working closely with its charity partner Crisis to support its mission of ending homelessness.

In 2023, Houseful raised over £70,000 for Crisis, helping over 2,000 Crisis members leave homelessness.

Zoopla’s joint research with Crisis encouraged the government to increase local housing allowance in line with inflation, positively impacting 1.6 million households.

Houseful’s employees also delivered over 750 hours of career and skill development support to children from low-income families through its partnership with education charity Future Frontiers.

Commenting on the report, Charlie Bryant, CEO at Houseful said: “We recognise that as a group of well-known brands, Houseful has a responsibility to drive forward positive change in the property industry.

“I’m proud of the progress we’ve made as a business in 2023 to move the dial positively, with the results our joint research with Crisis delivered being a particular highlight.”

Matt Downie, CEO at Crisis, added: “We are really grateful for the generosity of Houseful staff in supporting Crisis and proud of the work we’ve conducted together. A three-year freeze on housing benefit had devastating consequences, with thousands of people on the lowest incomes priced out of renting.

“Many households were forced into homelessness. Our joint research was critical in demonstrating the positive impact of raising housing benefit levels – and the UK Government’s subsequent decision to do this in the short term will prevent and end homelessness for tens of thousands of households.

“We will continue to make the case alongside Houseful for the sustained investment needed to maintain housing benefit to cover the cost of rents.”