Housing key battleground in upcoming general election, says Propertymark

As Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announces the date for the forthcoming general election housing has been identified as one of the key battlefields in the upcoming campaigns.

With more than 15 housing ministers having held the post since 2010 the Government has previously been accused of not taking housing sufficiently seriously.

The announcement of the election also sees the Conservatives break one of their campaign promises to abolish no-fault evictions.

Nathan Emerson, CEO of Propertymark, stressed the importance of housing in the forthcoming campaigns: “Housing is the cornerstone for every single community across the UK. It’s the foundation of a strong economy and must be a key theme that all political parties are placing front and centre of their general election campaigns.

“Many successive Governments have failed to keep pace with demand, and we would encourage potential policymakers from all sides to place a rejuvenated emphasis on tackling current issues and meeting future demand.

“There must be a sustainable mix of housing solutions for both buyers and renters, as well as a commitment to ensuring the UK leads regarding innovation, quality, and environmental sustainability.

“In addition, any new Government must ensure there is comprehensive support in place for first-time buyers to prevent the prospect of home ownership being out of reach, but equally ensure the housing market remains balanced for all.

“It is also important there is a full-scale commitment to ensure wider infrastructure is also planned for, as we witness an ever-growing population.”