Iress says client data safe after cybersecurity incident

Iress has confirmed that an unauthorised access incident occurred within its GitHub user space on Saturday, 11th May 2024, but client data remains secure. GitHub, a third-party platform used for managing software code, does not store any client information, according to the company.

Immediately after detecting the breach, Iress restricted access to the platform and initiated a thorough investigation.

The investigation found no evidence of compromise to client data or Iress’ production and client software systems.

In response to the incident, Iress is enhancing its security and access protocols as a precautionary measure.

The company assures there will be no disruption to their business operations or to the availability of their software and systems for clients.

Iress has made this information public to maintain transparency and has informed relevant authorities about the breach. “The company takes information security extremely seriously,” said Iress in a statement.