LiveMore’s mortgage Matching Engine secures 41% loan uplift

LiveMore’s Matching Engine has secured a 41% uplift in the loan amounts advisers can offer their over-50s clients, research has revealed.

The uplift relates to the amount a broker originally requested, compared to the amount the Matching Engine revealed the client could actually borrow.

LiveMore launched its Matching Engine in mid-September 2023, and was developed to make it easier for intermediaries to cut through the challenges surrounding the wide range of products available in the later life lending market.

Advisers can enter their client’s details once, and the Matching Engine will return all product options available, including potential alternatives if the original product does not quite fit.

The Matching Engine makes a maximum borrowing calculation based on the client’s income and expenditure details.

If the client does not pass the affordability assessment for the original mortgage, the Matching Engine will counter-offer from within LiveMore’s portfolio of more than 300 products across standard capital and interest, standard interest only, retirement interest only (RIO) and lifetime mortgages.

Since the launch of the counter-offer feature in mid-September 2023, LiveMore has experienced a 33% uplift in the number of maximum borrowing calculations successfully becoming mortgage applications.

LiveMore also saw 41% more instances of brokers changing products during the Maximum Borrowing Calculator (MBC) stage when using the Matching Engine.

Leon Diamond, chief executive and founder of LiveMore, said: “Intermediaries with all kinds of backgrounds in the industry are struggling with the complexities of later life lending.

“This technology cuts through all that, giving brokers the full picture so they can confidently advise their clients.

“As well as making everyone’s lives easier, the alternatives presented in the counter-offer feature delivers a big tick in the box for providing a fully compliant record of product selection.”