Monmouthshire Building Society forms strategic partnership with Woodhurst

Monmouthshire Building Society has partnered with Woodhurst, a consultancy known for its transformation expertise, to embark on a sustainable transformation of its operations.

This collaboration aims to enhance the Society’s business capabilities and technical systems, ensuring the provision of modern services that meet the expectations of members and colleagues.

Will Carroll, CEO of Monmouthshire Building Society, outlined the vision behind this initiative: “A modern mutual embraces innovation and change to serve the evolving needs of its members and communities.

“It is characterised by a commitment to modernising its operations, leveraging technology, and maintaining a strong online presence while still valuing and preserving face-to-face interactions.”

“We are excited to select Woodhurst as our transformation partner. Their vision for modernising the sector aligned with ours, and their approach met our desire for sustainable transformation,” Carroll added. “This partnership will allow us to own our transformation while bringing the extra capacity and capability to our internal change team to de-risk critical aspects of the programme, such as selecting the right technology and bringing members and colleagues along on the journey.”

Ben Nadel, co-founder of Woodhurst, also expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “We are thrilled to be working with Monmouthshire, helping them to transform into a modern mutual that meets the evolving needs of their colleagues and members. Their commitment to becoming an innovative, exciting, modern mutual is something that we greatly admire.”

“This move speaks to their ambition to work in entirely new ways, reduce operational complexity, create innovative products, offer better experiences for their members and provide additional career paths for their people,” said Nadel.