Natwest increases rates on select existing customer 2-year and 5-year fixed rate mortgage products

Natwest is set to update the rates within its existing customer mortgage product range from tomorrow (Wednesday 8th May 2024). These updates will see changes in both the 2-year and 5-year fixed rate switcher options.

For the 2-year fixed rate switcher, adjustments include an increase from 5.15% to 5.27% for a mortgage at 60% loan-to-value (LTV) with no product fee.

Another 60% LTV mortgage will see its rate rise from 4.99% to 5.04%, this one carrying a product fee of £495.

Furthermore, a rate change from 4.79% to 4.89% will occur for a 60% LTV mortgage with a £995 fee.

Additionally, a mortgage at 75% LTV will undergo a rate increase from 5.25% to 5.32%, also with no product fee.

In the 5-year fixed rate switcher section, a 60% LTV product with a £995 fee will have its rate increased from 4.49% to 4.53%.

Another 60% LTV mortgage with a £495 fee will adjust its rate from 4.59% to 4.64%. Also, a 60% LTV option without a product fee will see a rate increase from 4.69% to 4.79%.