Renter groups urge Labour to uphold commitments to housing reforms

The Renters’ Reform Coalition has issued a warning to the Labour Party against distancing itself from earlier commitments to reform the private rented sector.

This concern arises following comments made by Angela Rayner MP, Labour’s Shadow Housing Secretary, which seemed to overlook previously discussed measures aimed at protecting renters.

In a statement, Tom Darling, campaign manager of the Renters’ Reform Coalition, expressed dissatisfaction with Labour’s current stance, especially after the party had commissioned a review aimed at enhancing renter protections, including proposals for capping rent increases and abolishing “no fault” evictions.

Darling said: “We don’t just need commitments to fully implement and tinker with the Renters (Reform) Bill, we need a commitment to a fundamental rebalancing which the Government’s legislation will comprehensively fail to deliver.”

Rayner had reiterated Labour’s commitment to abolishing Section 21, ending tenant bidding wars, and extending Awaab’s law to the private sector, alongside promises to address the housing shortage with a plan to build 1.5 million new homes over five years.

However, Darling noted a concerning omission in Rayner’s remarks regarding the Renters Charter, a key element previously suggested to improve security and fairness for renters, stating: “Renters will not settle for yet more politicians walking away from commitments they’ve made.

“They need to set out clearly their plans about how they intend to deliver security of tenure for renters.”