Westminster and Lambeth home to most expensive new-builds, research finds

Westminster has the highest median price for newly built housing out of all local authorities in England and Wales, research from One Sure Insurance has revealed.

The home insurance broker analysed data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to determine which local authorities had the highest median price for all types of newly built housing last year.

These results were then compared and ranked from the highest to the lowest prices.  

Westminster had the highest median new housing price of £1,809,875; Lambeth ranked second at £1,241,949.

Hammersmith and Fulham came close behind with a median new housing price of £1,137,613.

Hackney ranked fourth with a median new housing price of £949,050.

Hertsmere in Hertfordshire came fifth with a median new housing price of £932,500.

Other local authorities in the top 10 included Woking, New Forest, Broxbourne, St Albans, and Islington. 

Erewash, Derbyshire had the lowest median new housing price in the study with £122,750.

A spokesperson for One Sure Insurance said: “This study provides valuable insight into the range of prices for newly built housing within local authorities across England and Wales.

“While it does not show us what the highest and lowest prices are, these median price points offer a perspective on the potential average cost for new housing. 

“It is notable that every borough in the top 20 positions is either based in London or somewhere in the south of England, which is likely because of how close they are to the capital or the south coast.

“Both locations may be desirable places to live for new houseowners due to being business and tourism hubs, respectively. 

“There are also many boroughs in the upper half of the list that lack of data for most types of housing.

“This might mean they either only have recorded pricing data for newly built flats and maisonette houses, or they were the only housing types available in those areas last year, which may be indicative of the current housing market.”