Contact State launches Partner Directory

Contact State has launched the Contact State Partner Directory, a dedicated private listings platform for lead buyers to connect with innovative lead generation sellers.

The solution enables clients to quickly and easily review the regulatory and financial details of companies they have identified to research and connect with as part of their lead generation process.

This launch marks the latest step in the Contact State push to improve the safety, compliance and transparency of lead generation – especially within highly regulated financial services markets such as life insurance, funeral planning and mortgages.

Contact State already has a large client base of major UK lead producing and buying companies, and the new platform is a key step in the company’s intention to become a trusted, ‘one stop shop’ for organisations to connect and collaborate on lead buying and generation.

“We believe that if lead buyers want better, transparent and compliant advertising, it’s not enough just to point out bad firms and their click bait,” said Alain Desmier (pictured), managing director of Contact State. “We’ve got to actively champion and encourage lead generation businesses that are producing good and innovative work and help them grow, and the Contact State Partner Directory is a landmark step towards truly achieving this.”

The Partner Directory is now live and available to help businesses involved in lead buying and selling establish strong, strategic partnerships with trusted firms. For the first time, firms with similar focuses on sales and customer outcomes can directly connect and work together on lead generation activities in a safe, transparent and compliant manner.

“Contact State has established itself as a firm favourite for businesses involved in lead buying and selling, and we’ve introduced new products, features and initiatives as a direct result of feedback from our clients,” added Matthew Marshall, business development manager at Contact State. “The launch of our Partner Directory is one such example of a product we’ve been encouraged to build, allowing us to play a direct role in safely bringing lead buyers and sellers together.”