PriceHubble completes acquisition of WhenFresh

PriceHubble has acquired WhenFresh, the residential property data bureau, delivering data and decision engines to banks, insurers, the public sector and other Big Data users.

This move marks PriceHubble’s sixth acquisition to date, and its second in the UK in under a year.

By leveraging WhenFresh’s product and data capabilities in the UK, PriceHubble hopes to further extend its local market presence.

Through the acquisition, PriceHubble also hopes to build on its performance data solutions, adding value for the banking, insurance, asset management and real estate industries across the globe.

Founded in 2012, WhenFresh is a residential property data specialist based in the UK, supplying data and related solutions to mortgage lenders, insurers, banks, The Bank of England and the wider financial services sector, and well as the public sector and utilities.

It provides access to more than 200 proprietary, private and public datasets via a single API integration.

Dr Stefan Heitmann, founder and executive chairman of PriceHubble, said: “PriceHubble has quickly emerged as the leading B2B SaaS provider of property data performance solutions to banks, insurers and asset managers around the world.

“It humbles and excites us to see our sixth acquisition coming through and adding to our unique capabilities in Europe’s largest banking and real estate market and beyond.

“We are extremely happy to welcome the WhenFresh team.”

Alexis Radjabi, chief sales officer for Western Europe at PriceHubble, added: “By joining forces with the WhenFresh team, we are combining our own solutions with their know-how in applications for banking, insurance, utilities and the public sector and with Dataloft’s expertise in residential market intelligence.

“This synergy enables us to seamlessly build unique performance data solutions, positioning ourselves exceptionally well to assume market leadership.”

When Fresh Ltd becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of PriceHubble UK under the leadership of Mark Cunningham, co-founder and director of WhenFresh.

Cunningham said: “We’re very excited to become part of the burgeoning PriceHubble family.

“Bringing together the wealth of property data assets, technological excellence and data science expertise we each possess will enable us to drive ever faster product and service development and accelerate business growth at scale.”

Alan Dean, WhenFresh’s co-founder and technical director will become PriceHubble’s Group Innovation Director and continue supporting PriceHubble’s growth agenda with a UK and multinational focus.

Dean concluded: “This acquisition will allow both companies to share their technology in order to amplify and accelerate the development of new products, opening up a tremendous opportunity to take our success in the UK to the international market as part of the PriceHubble Group.”